Bedrooms are located from the second floor to the fourth floor, accessible by elevator, and on the fifth floor with a foot ramp. 

The style is simple and authentic, with original and eco-friendly artistic decorations.
We have reused old furniture, sometimes revisiting it, sometimes restoring it and creating new objects, such as chandeliers, from waste material, or recovered old doors and old  shutters for the headboards. On the walls in each room there are original paintings. The result is a colorful and characterful environment. Many of our rooms offerspectacular views of the Brunelleschi dome and the San Marco Museum complex.

All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are non-smoking.



Private bathroom
Ecological soap and shampoo
 fiber wifi
Children free within age 3
Fire protection
Animals allowed for free
No smoking
Air conditioning with control 
 Bar room service for a fee
Extra pillow on-demand
hair dryer in the room or on demand