No. For staying in you don’t need the green pass

You can book directly (by phone, online on this site or by email), or indirectly (via traditional agencies or online booking portals- type, Expedia etc.).
In any case, you have to provide a valid credit card, on which a pre-authorization can be made.  If it is not expressly stated (“prepaid fee” and “non-refundable” or similar), we do not charge any amount on the card.

With direct booking, we guarantee the best rate and offer the same services and guarantees, so booking directly is worth it!

The cancellation varies depending on the fare cancellation policy that is written in the confirmation document.
If you are under the free cancellation conditions, you must use the same channels that you used to cancel your booking, so you have booked on an external portal using the credentials that you have been confirmed (number of booking and more) you need to log back in to the portal where you will find a “delete” feature.
If you booked directly with us, just
contact us in the preferred way, even by phone.


We are in the center of the San Marco area, inside the zon
limited traffic. Most of the monuments and sites are therefore within walking distance, and often within minutes, for example: 10-minute Cathedral, 15 min Central Station, Academy Gallery 3 min,. 

The hotel can be reached by car as long as you park in the garage with us contracted that will handle the whole practice so as not to incur fines, without having to do anything.
Just arrive at the hotel and let us know that you are travelling by car. We’re going to call the garage that’s going to send a driver to pick up the car. When you need the car or departure, he will take it back to the hotel.
The cost is 30 euros per day. (35 euros for large vehicles)

Animals are welcome for free. It is the responsibility of the owner to guide the animal well and comply with legal vaccinations to ensure the safety of all guests. Only the buffet area is forbidden to animals. 

Children up to 3 years old who sleep in cots or in their parents’ bed stay for free

The hotel is on the second floor and unfortunately the lift has an opening of less than 50 cm. and so many of these means cannot enter unless they are foldable. Before making a reservation we advise you to book to check accessibility.

The hotel is located on the second floor and unfortunately the elevator has an opening of less than 50 cm. and so many of these means can’t get in unless they’re foldable. Before making a reservation we recommend that you book to check accessibility


We are always equipped with dietary products, including vegan foods, but reporting is always welcome.

You can always leave your luggage in storage at the reception, before check-in, or after check-out, for the necessary time, free of charge.

Check-in is at 14:00 in the afternoon, check-out is at 11:00 in the morning.
Early entry into the room does not depend on our will, as the room may not be ready yet. At 14:00, we can assure you that the room is both free and already clean and ready to welcome you.
The late departure may have to be agreed with the reception staff and may require an additional payment.

We ask that you leave the key at the front desk at each exit because it is safer. In fact, even if apparently the key with it seems to be the safest solution, it is not (the staff still has a master key that allows you to enter all the rooms).
Having the key to the guest room allows us to know who is in the room and who is outside and therefore allows us to manage access, avoiding the entrance to strangers. It also allows us, and this is the most important thing, to save those who stay in the hotel in the event of emergencies such as fires or other disasters, without having to enter the rooms that we know are empty, we can immediately move towards the occupied rooms to provide help. We also know who we have to wait until late at night before closing the door. Moreover, if the key is lost, the person who finds it would have all the information to be able to enter indiscriminately.

The rooms are arranged from the second to the fourth floor, accessible by lift. We also have rooms on the fifth floor not accessible by elevator, on the other hand, they offer a more beautiful view and are very quiet. All rooms are airy facing.

Tutte le camere hanno un bagno con doccia / bagno


We don’t have carpet in any room

The hotel is located in a quiet area of the city center, where there are no nightclubs, but we are in the center of a city and on a road served by bus, so from the morning there is some traffic. The hotel still has insulating windows. 

that’s in the room or we’ll give it directly to the front desk

In the rooms there is no kettle, but you can ask for hot water at the reception bar, almost always open, free

The rooms and bathrooms are equipped with linen. There are soap dispensers and green shampoos in the bathroom. The hair dryer is either in the room or we will give it directly to the reception